MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger)

2012 16.4.3505

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05 Oct 2012


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 09 May 2012

Besides offering a very popular operating system and web browser, Microsoft also offers the MSN service. MSN is a web portal that provides access to all sorts of info; it also provides access to an instant messaging (IM) client that used to be called MSN Messenger when it was first released in 1999. I say “used to be” because the Redmond-based software developer rebranded it as Windows Live Messenger in 2005 when it rolled out the Windows Live set of online services that Windows Live Messenger is part of. But the name bears little significance; what is important is the functionality the software provides. Just to be on board with the rebranding, we’ll use Windows Live Messenger from here on.

The main task Windows Live Messenger performs is instant messaging (IM). This basically goes something like this: you download and install the software, log in, select a contact and communicate. You type a message in the IM client’s window and when you hit send, the message is delivered to that contact. On the other end of the line, your friend can reply in the same manner. Everything is done in real-time, of course.

Since just typing away in a simple IM window is somewhat boring, the software comes with some customization options. There are, for example, custom scenes that you can use, animated display images, hundreds of fonts and plenty of colors. To spice it up a bit, you can customize Windows Live Messenger to play custom sounds as well.

It is a well known fact that your contacts list is populated with people you rarely talk to; it is equally true that with some contacts you will talk frequently. It would be a good idea then to have easy access to the people you socialize with on a frequent basis. Windows Live Messenger comes with a favorites feature that lets you put these contacts at the top of the list. Cons:
It includes some ads.

Windows Live Messenger allows you to communicate with anyone in the easiest and fastest way possible.


It's very customizable. Besides, it includes favorites and groups. Furthermore, it allows you to share photos with your friends.


equently, you will always have easy access to them. And if you want to talk with more than 1 person, say with several people at the same time, there’s a groups feature. Just set up a group and you can talk with all the people in that group in one window. There are other ways in which you can socialize via Windows Live Messenger. You can, for example, make a PC-to-PC call which will not cost you a thing. You just need Windows Live Messenger, a microphone or web cam, and a friend to talk to. Alternatively, you can make PC-to-phone calls, but for this functionality you will have to pay. Alternatively again, you can send an SMS message from within Windows Live Messenger to that contact’s mobile phone. Sharing photos is yet another cool feature included in Windows Live Messenger. You can share photos with others by dragging and dropping them in the IM window. The picture can be thus easily viewed by the person on the other end. If you want to, you can let him/her save that picture. Last but not least, Windows Live Messenger comes with a games and applications feature that lets you play various games in the IM client’s window and open shared external apps.

MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger)
2012 16.4.3505


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